Heroescon this year was such an awesome show.  I met so many great creators, artists, and writers this year and we had some awesome booth buddies beside us this year.  We were beside Chris and Scott for the second year in a row and what a blast we had over the weekend.  Chris is a fantastic inker and has been doing this for upwards of 15 years.  We both are working on all ages, family friendly comics and his creation, Danger Tours is shaping up to be a great comic.  Be sure to check it out!  We had a blast with our other booth buddies Jen Keith, Noelle Giffin, and Stephanie Hocutt as well.  All in all the highlight of HC was meeting and talking with Andy Runton of Owly.  If you don’t already know who he is…WHAT is Wrong with YOU? No seriously, he is an awesome illustrator and writer and has some awesome books for all ages.  He’s also one of the nicest guys I’ve ever met.    There are just too many fun memories and that’s why I love this convention.  I’ll definately be going back next year.  I only snapped a few pictures of the weekend with my junky camera phone so sorry about the quality in advance 🙂  Flickr